About US


We’re an 501(c)6 Organization, That mean’s were a non-profit who’s purpose is to help businesses and the welfare of our community

01. Local

We’re built local. It runs through our veins. Our pulse is on local businesses. 

02. Professional

We’re an association of skilled individuals. If you’re looking to work with others, check out our social gatherings or meetups. 

03. Oppourtunity

Our goal is to provide platforms for businesses in the area to leapspring from. If you’re looking for a boost, consider becoming a member

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Our membership continues to grow, why? because we provide serious perks for our members. 


Member Retention

Executive Board

A Team Of Professionals

Ian Montgomery


Sales profesional, entraprenure, and business owner. 

We’re looking for more, volunteers, if you’re interested in participating and volunteering with the association, We invite you to join our executive board.


What We Do

Welcome Wagon

Generating Hype for New Busineses, and expanding their reach to new residents. 


Meet your next new customer or vendor at our B2B social events

Street Fair

Our Yearly street fair is a sight to behold

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